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Nested Set Trees
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Nested Set Trees Issue: Support sort and filter when building tree

Name: Support sort and filter when building tree
ID: 5
Project: Nested Set Trees
Type: Enhancement
Area: Code
Severity: Low
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Tom Chiverton
Created: 10/30/15 4:42 AM
Updated: 10/30/15 4:50 AM
Description: If it supported excluding soft deleted rows (e.g. where deleted=1) and sorting within a node (order by sortOrder) this would be a full suite of features.
History: Created by TomChiverton (Tom Chiverton) : 10/30/15 4:42 AM

Comment by TomChiverton (Tom Chiverton) : 10/30/15 4:50 AM
<cffunction name="rebuildIndex"
<cfargument name="additionalSortOrFilter" required="false" default="" >

then in
<cffunction name="createIndexRecord"
add to the end of cfquery

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